Why is Walter running

Trust in public institutions is at a historic low. Today many people don’t feel heard or represented.

Walter is running because lately he's felt like one of those people… he’s frustrated at not being heard.

So he’s taking action.

Walter never aspired to be a politician, but he’s disturbed at the lack of action or even acknowledgement of our community’s needs at city hall. He is resentful of the bureaucratic hoops you need to jump through just to get a meeting with your councillor.

Walter will have an office in Ward 3 where you can meet, or he’ll come right to you!

And don’t forget - You need to vote if you want to see change in the community.

Is Walter a Ward 3 resident?

Yes. Walter is a lifelong Hamiltonian who lives above his shops on Barton Street East with his wife, Liz.

Where is Walter's campaign office?

Walter's campaign office is at 765 Barton St East..

Does Walter care about inclusivity and diversity?

Yes. Walter believes that Ward 3 should be a welcoming, prosperous place for everyone.

How will Walter make Ward 3 safer?

People deserve to be happy. You can't be happy if you don't feel safe, and Ward 3 is facing a number of challenges.

Safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists are finally being considered by city hall. We need to make sure that proposals such as reducing the width of street crossings, reductions in speeds, and complete streets designs are actually implemented.

Right now there is unprecedented development downtown and the Mayor and developers have said that social service agencies are not compatible with an entertainment district. There will be pressure to move these services east (they never go west or to the mountain) but Ward 3 should not be the place where these services go by default. We have always been very accepting in Ward 3, but the entire city should share this responsibility. Very careful planning and community consultation needs to be considered before moving services or introducing new services into our ward.

I support the police. Improving coordination among first responder services and social navigators has been shown to work. Measures like re-introducing a street beat cop will help to build relationships and improve safety.

What will Walter do about housing affordability and housing security?

There is a housing crisis and we need practical protections and solutions. We need to maximize existing tools, such as municipal law enforcement and emergency rent assistance to keep people in their homes. We need to improve our affordable housing supply, keep absentee landlords accountable, and eliminate illegal conversions. For those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, Housing First and Rapid Rehousing practices have been shown to be effective. Walter would support a tiny-homes pilot project with appropriate resident consultation.

What's Walter's take on the proposed injection clinic location on Barton St?

Walter agrees that services are necessary, but thinks that we can find a better site - one that doesn't put children and vulnerable people at risk. He also believes in public consultation and doesn't know why this was, and continues to be, done in secret.

Our roads are terrible - What will Walter do?

A lot of the basics have been neglected in Ward 3. We need to make sure that roads, sidewalks, and lighting in all parts of the ward are maintained and improved - and that the budget is not eaten up entirely by the LRT.

Litter and graffiti need prompt cleanup. Street racing and noise pollution should not be tolerated. We have many of the tools we need to address these issues. They need firm implementation.

What about parks and recreation in Ward 3?

Did you know that we used to have the Scott Park Arena (an indoor hockey rink), the Scott Park minor hockey association, three Scott Park softball diamonds, the Scott Park softball association, and the Brian Timmis Soccer Stadium. Now, seven years after PAN AM, Ward 3 has only three ball diamonds in total, one community soccer pitch, no skateparks or rinks, and a stadium residents can’t use.

We're blessed with some beautiful parks: Gage Park, Powell Park, Woodlands Park. But there is significantly less park space in Ward 3 than in many other parts of the city. We need to maintain and improve the parks we have and work to acquire new park space and recreation amenities. We need to address these issues now before another generation of kids misses out.

What is Walter's political affiliation?

Walter is not a member of any political party. His affiliation is to the residents of Ward 3.

What else is important to Ward 3?

This is where you come in. Please call, email or stop by. Walter would love to talk to you.