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Chris H

Walter is a great supporter of the neighbourhood. He’s a very competent individual and very much on top of all the issues in the ward. Ward 3 residents will be fortunate to have Walter as their representative at City Hall.

Beau Chapman

Walter and his family shine brightly in our neighbourhood, so I was so pleased to hear he was running for council. Go Walter!

Lena Sutton, President, Hamilton Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees, Local 10

Walter is a fabulous person and a good friend. I’m president of the Hamilton Steel Workers Retirees Union and we endorsed Walter because of the work that he and Liz have done in the community. We feel you don’t get a call back from the current councillor, but Walter will call you back.

David Francisco

If you love your children and want them to play in safe parks in Ward 3, vote for Walter for Ward 3. Get out and vote for Hamilton. Walter Furlan for Ward 3. You won't be sorry.

Elvis Mizzau B.A., LL.B., M.B.A.

I have known Wally since he was a baby -- literally. Wally's late Father Bruno and my late Father Angelo were best friends since the 60's who hunted, fished and otherwise interacted together over a period of 40+ years. Wally's family and my family would go on long camping trips together, share special occasions and be there for each other during the challenges life presents. Wally was my Best Man in 1986 and I was his Best Man in 2008.

Wally graduated from high school and became a highly sought over "drawer" of steel for over 30 years whereas I took another path and accumulated university graduate degrees. Despite that, Wally and I saw each other frequently and even enjoyed a memorable season of golf membership together.

Wally and I share some common characteristics and history -- we are both of Northern Italian descent, we both fathered and at times raised alone 3 now adult children, we both have a love of hockey despite rooting for different teams, we both have incredible work ethics and we both share a passion for social justice.

There is no one alive on this planet that I have more respect for than Walter Furlan. As I said in my 2004 Thanksgiving Day TurDuckHen Speech, Wally is a man of tremendous internal strength, patience and focus who has not only survived but thrived after he overcame some life obstacles in the 2000's. It was during that challenging time that Wally completed his degree at McMaster University on a part-time basis while he was working full-time with over-time. When Wally could do no more after 30 years in that industry, Wally went back to school at the age of 50 to retool his career to become a very successful leader in the conservation field. Wally is a man who can work equally well with his hands, head and heart.

I have complete confidence that Wally will make an effective City Councillor for Ward 3. Wally will never self-deal. Wally will never be exploited by stakeholders with profit agendas like developers, business carpet baggers or unscrupulous actors. Wally is foremost for the people of Ward 3. I only wish I lived in Ward 3 so I too could cast a vote on October 24th on his behalf.

Vote Walter Furlan!!!

Marilyn Hill

I am 82 and have enjoyed the activities at the YWCA Hamilton Active Living Centre-MACNAB Street for the 26 years that I have been retired. During the pandemic for the last couple of years, the programs have been online and many of us participated. It was great to see others on a regular basis. Now that some things are opening up, I am told that this seniors centre is a safe injection site for drug users and the former swimming pool is closed up for homeless women to sleep there at night. These are worthy causes but they come as a detriment to women like myself who made the effort to go for exercises such as yoga, chair aerobics and line dancing. We kept ourselves active and healthy so as to not be a drain on the health system. We miss the social aspect of seeing friends and having a cup of tea together. We are now told that there are programs in the basement as well as exercise machines but this does not appeal as our former programs did.

Tristan Peters

I met Walter when he knocked at my door. He came through very thoroughly and pushed his thoughts forward.

Vincenzo Cassanova

About 10 years ago I met Walter Furlan for the very first time. My first impression was that he really cares about people and loves people in the neighbourhood. Walter is always willing to meet with people and help them with their problems. When Walter opened Furlan Conservation, he organized a meeting called "Friday Socials" for the whole neighbourhood on the last Friday of the month. I attended these Friday socials and met many of the people in the neighbourhood and I enjoyed the meetings and really looked forward to the next Friday Social. The socials were cancelled because of covid 19 and hopefully they will start up again. Walter and his wife Liz really care about all the people in their neighbourhood of Ward 3 and they will be available to meet the people and help them with their problems, that I am positively sure, 100%.

Larry Pattison Jr

I’ve always known Walter as someone who is a community connector; from inviting people in for conversations to advocating for public spaces. I was excited when I heard Walter was running, and I look forward to his reasoned voice at City Hall.

Sandra Ingerstra

Walter doesn’t have aspirations beyond Ward 3 - he is Ward 3.

Ward 3 Resident

Great to have an actual person - living & business - right in Ward 3, who knows the issues.

Ward 3 Resident

Walter is the much-needed advocate to stand up for Ward 3. He is an honest and trustworthy businessman with years of experience living in the Ward. Ward 3 is in great need of a strong voice, advocate, and representation.

Bill Curran

Architect, community activist, property developer, & committed Hamiltonian

We need a committed Councillor focused on our Ward and our city, not on global issues. Walter is a great local craftsman, business owner, and small-scale developer. He has much personally invested in the Ward. He is not just passing through, he will remain here to see change through. Walter's vision is exactly what is needed looking ahead for this Ward and what it needs to get even better. His passion and energy are critical to achieve positive change!

Ward 3 is a great Ward full of great, hardworking people. We need to keep building the rebirth of Barton St as a vital commercial artery. We need more and a wider range of quality, dignified housing. We need to ‘buy local’ and patronize our local independent businesses.

Walter is the representative we need to make these things happen!

Michael Mecca

A truly selfless public servant who can elevate an entire community -- through contagious passion, dogged determination, and persistent effort -- steps forward only once in a generation. It is then everyone's responsibility to get that person into a position where they can be most effective for us all. Walter Furlan is exactly that person and Ward 3 needs him on Council now. He deserves our support and our votes!


I’ve been homeless for 3 months. It’s really hard, harder than anyone thinks. I’ve tried to reach out for help. I left my things at the shelter and they were thrown out. The staff are so busy giving out harm reduction supplies that they don’t call me back. Why is it easier to get harm reduction products than rehab. We need to help people get recovery and rehab. I want to work. A lot of people don’t know how to help themselves. I just stopped by the campaign office and learned about two retraining programs.

Jacinta Ribeiro

Walter has been a community advocate and leader for many years. He is someone who lives in the community, understands its needs, and promotes the values. Walter has been a councillor without a name. Let’s elect him!

Harry Mast

I can’t operate my sausage cart within 200m of another food outlet in Hamilton, but in Ward 3 there’s an injection site proposed 5 doors down from an agency that serves young people with special needs. We need common sense at city hall. Walter has my vote.

Jen and Mehmet

We've known Walter for nearly 10 years, and he's always been a strong community advocate. He's approachable, honest and hard-working. Walter genuinely cares about his community and works to make things better for the people who live there. He literally has an open-door policy, and can often be found chatting with people about issues of concern. We sincerely believe that Walter will be an excellent councillor who will make a positive difference for the community.

Julie Johnson

Walter Furlan really cares about people and their quality of life. I have watched him transform a disused alleyway into a neighbourhood oasis for all to appreciate. He’s committed to improving otherwise forgotten and often neglected parts of the community into welcoming accessible areas that everyone can enjoy. From initiating traffic-calming measures to promoting small businesses, Walter continues to keep resident involvement a key part of everything he does. He’s a friendly and thoughtful person with a whole lot of integrity.


As a veterinary technician, I appreciate Walter’s concern about the welfare of the local stray cats and motivation to improve their wellbeing and future human ownership. I welcome working with Walter to work on helping these homeless animals.

Tanya Bailey

Walter Furlan is an organic voice that supports, collaborates, and engages the needs and concerns of the Ward 3 community.

Samantha Jones

Walter is very friendly, kind, and compassionate. I’ve known him for over 10 years. He really cares about the community he lives in. He’s done everything he can to beautify it. He’d be a great City Councillor because he cares about the people.

Petet Z Jantjic

I have lived in Hamilton now for 20+ years. I took a nice Saturday afternoon walk down Barton Street. I happened to see Walter outside his restoration store picking some small weeds that had begun sprouting outside. I have known Walter for a few years now. I like him a lot. He’s very witty and funny. He’s running for a City Council position. That’s great news. Finally, some real human change at City Hall. Those cobwebs have to go. Go Walter Go! Your friend Peter.

Jenny Lapointe

Walter is honest and hard-working, loyal and fair. Living in the community and being part of the community are important to him so I think he’d do a great job.

John W

I encourage you to treat yourself and meet with Walter. You will experience his observation skills and whole-picture approach which have led to his track record of building community. I’ve seen myself and others benefit from how Walter expertly troubleshoots community issues. He's fully versed to take on Ward 3 issues at City Hall. It’s time for us to launch our passionate and loyal community-builder and problem-solver to City Hall. Walter’s willingness and strength to hear about and deal with issues brought to him may very well prompt non-voters to vote.

Rebecca Doll

Walter Furlan has the courage of his convictions. He is authentic. He engages with everyone and isn't afraid of new ideas or different opinions. His follow-through on getting things done is pretty remarkable. I'd like to see him shake things up a bit at Council.